Animated gig poster for Uninvited Guests at The Delancey 06.08.16

Uninvited Guests needed an eye catching poster for an upcoming event to be used in web and print.

I created a poster design and related Facebook event cover design. Starting with the poster, I went with a vintage style space theme being as the event doubled as a farewell party to guitarist, Michael (and what better way to say bon voyage than with space cowgirls and harmonica playing grey aliens!). I first created flat designs of the moon, planet, spaceship and rockets, then digitally painted in the mesas and sketched in the bikini clad smoking space cowgirl and harmonica playing alien. I also added some edge detail to the aforementioned objects. I finished with a composite background of a starlit galaxy and vintage clouds blended with old textured paper to give it a sci-fi paperback effect. The final details included adding glowing transparent text and positioning the elements as best as possible so they wouldn’t be cropped in different digital displays.

Additionally I created an animated version of the poster with Photoshop and After Effects for use in promoting the show on social media.

Duration: 20

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