Animated Gif In Photoshop {Beating Pink Heart}

There is still a lot of time until Valentines Day so get to work on this and have it ready for your loved one. You can use any colour of heart for this tutorial, I have went for a pink colour bud red, or any other colour will work just fine.
My heart was initially flat so I had to apply a few blending options to give the heard a 3d effect, If you are not familiar with this just Google pink heart and you will find many already prepared.
When you have found a heart you like the look of open in Photoshop, size the image to your preferred sixe and centre. OK, now we can start. Right click on the image layer and select duplicate, then go to edit and free transform, in the toolbar along the top select a width of 95% and a height of 95%. Again, duplicate this layer and apply the same 95% to the width and height. Do this four times and your image should look something like below.
Now we are ready to animate, select window animation. Your first frame should automatically appear in the Photoshop animation timeline. On your layers pallet turn of all layers except the first layer, you can turn off the layer by clicking on the small eye symbol to the right hand side of the layer. Set plat to forever (bottom right of animation timeline), select first frame 0.2 seconds. Duplicate this frame by clicking on the small overturned page on the animation timeline. On this second frame switch off layer one and switch on layer two. Again, duplicate layer 2 switching off layer 2 and on layer 3. Repeat this process. Then play. Save your animation as a .gig file.

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Duration: 00:07:28