Animate Photos/Graphics with 5 Atomspherical Tricks in After Effects

5000+ Templates: – Learn how to animate a still image, photo, or graphics with 5 easy atmospherical effects! In this tutorial, we use After Effects and showcase weather effects like rain or snow, and many other tricks to make your still images come to life!

An atmosphere you’ve dreamed of creating.

Add some motion to your lifeless still graphics by creating a mood with an atmosphere that is sure to catch a vibe. Creating atmospheric effects in After Effects is a great way to set the mood for the message you’re trying to send. If your After Effects composition is making you feel gloomy,

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0:00 Intro – Smash that like button please!
0:40 – Trick 1 – Add Rain or Snow
2:38 – Trick 2 – Add Floor Reflections
3:05 – Trick 3 – Add Lightning Flashes
4:13 – Nikki Takeover! Download over 5000 templates!
4:51 – Bonus Trick – Add Particles
5:49 – Trick 4 – Lighting Effects
8:50 – Trick 5 – Add Graphics
11:05 – Free Templates, link in description

Duration: 00:11:30