Animate Anything in Photoshop – Turn Photo into Slow Motion Videos Tutorial

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Welcome, everyone! In this photoshop tutorial, I’ll guide you through creating mesmerizing animations in Photoshop. Transform still images into captivating slow-motion videos. Let’s dive into the steps:

Choose a picture with a waterfall and use Quick Mask mode to select it.
Turn off Quick Mask, invert the selection, and copy the waterfall (Ctrl/Command + J).
Erase unwanted parts around the waterfall to isolate it.
Convert the copied waterfall layer to a Smart Object for animation.
Open the Timeline, create a Video Timeline, and edit the Smart Object layer.
Adjust the timeline duration (e.g., 2.15 seconds).
Create keyframes to make the waterfall move using Free Transform.
Use transitions for smooth looping (e.g., 1.23 seconds fade).
Group the animated layers for organization.
Duplicate and arrange the groups for seamless looping.
Next, introduce mist animation:

Select misty area, copy it (Ctrl/Command + J), and name it ‘mist.’
Convert the mist layer to a Smart Object.
Add keyframes and transform the mist layer for movement.
Apply transitions at both ends with the same durations.
Group duplicated mist layers and arrange them for smooth looping.
Add layer mask to the mist group to control its visibility.
Place the mist group above the water group for an ethereal effect.
Preview and Export:

Play the animation and enjoy your creation.
Export the animation as a video by going to “File” – “Export” – “Render Video.”
Customize video settings as desired and render the animation.
Congratulations! You’ve turned a static image into a captivating slow-motion video. If you’re interested in seeing this effect in action, let me know in the comments. If there’s enough interest, I’ll create a demonstration within a week.

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