Andrea Geremia – Personal Projects Showreel – VFX Compositor

This is a showreel only about my Personal Projects I did through the years in VFX world.

Most of them are projects I’ve done during the Master course in 3D and VFX.

Telephone: +39 339 6020474

Download the Breakdown PDF:

– FROM THE SKY (group project): 00:03
shooting rigging, matchmoving in PF-Track, projection on the 3D scene in Maya, FX in Houdini, all compositing (except reactor) with sky replacement, clean plate.
Project with Dario Morittu and Marco Di Valentin
Software: Nuke, Houdini, Maya, PF-Track, Photoshop, Arnold Render
Complete Breakdown:

– SPIDERS (group project): 00:14
shooting, rigging, walk animation, scripting for particles, compositing and clean plate.
Project with Dario Morittu
Software: Nuke, Maya, Arnold Render

– TRICERATOPS (group project)
compositing and relight 2.5
Model by Riccardo Meneghello
Texture and Rendering by Renato Scicchitano
Software: Nuke

– HELICOPTER CH-46: 00:32
All aspects: camera tracker with 3DEqualizer, modeling in Maya, texturing with Substance Painter and Photoshop, rendering with Mental Ray, compositing in Nuke.
Software: Maya, Nuke, 3DEqualizer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Mental Ray
Complete Breakdown:

– VISCOUNT 1920: 00:39
All aspects: I shot, modeling in Maya and texturing in Photoshop. matchmove and compositing in Nuke
Software: Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, Mental Ray
Complete breakdown:

Clean plate practice with Nuke. Video downloaded from YouTube.

– ATTACK FROM ALPHA CENTAURI, feature film (directed by Shalin Sean Solomon): 01:01
shot used in the trailer. I did all aspects: Compositing, chroma key, rotoscoping, matchmoving, 3D integration
Software: Nuke, Maya, Blender, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Boujou

practice with clean plate and compositing. Integration of panels and text in a footage downloaded from YouTube.
Clean plate, compositing, integration 2D elements, rotoscoping with Silhouette FX
Software: Nuke, Silhouette FX

– FIAT 500: 01:17
clean plate in Nuke

– EXPLOSION: 01:22
compositing and all aspects, except for the fire and shading
Software: Nuke, Houdini, Mantra

– NIKON D3200: 01:27
modeling, shading and reflex Nikon D3200 integration in a picture.
Software: Maya, Photoshop, Mental Ray
Complete breakdown:

– DARTH MAUL from STAR WARS: 01:31
modeling and sculpting, shading and render in Keyshot.
Software: Maya, ZBrush, Keyshot

– POMPEI: 01:35
Camera projection from a picture and Tracking.
Software: Maya, Nuke, 3DEqualizer
Complete breakdown:

– CLIMAX: 01:43
full CG scene. Modeling of the first structure of the Tour Eiffel. Each metal piece of the tower was modeled as the reality.
Mari was used for texturing. Photoshop for matte painting. Fluids, compositing and chroma key in After Effects and Nuke.
Software: Maya, Nuke, After Effects, Mari, Photoshop, Mental Ray
Complete breakdown:

SOFTWARE: Nuke, Silhouette FX, Mocha, Autodesk Maya, Side FX Houdini, Mari, Substance Painter, Z-Brush, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, PF-Track, 3DEqualizer, Boujou, Marvelous Designer, Keyshot


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