An AMAZING way to show off your 3D Models & Projects! | PowerPoint & SketchUp

In this video you’ll learn to fall in love with PowerPoint again!

We start by testing it against the basic layout functionality of Adobe InDesign to see if we can design publications in a similar manner, adding things like transparency, gradients, text design and so on…

We then move into more advanced functions of Microsoft’s PowerPoint by learning how to tastefully use the animations and transitions built-in.

Finally, we drop in a SketchUp model of the project in question, moving around the building, slide-by-slide! (mind-blown!)

To download the PowerPoint file we ended up with during this lesson, head here;

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0:00 Introduction
0:42 Chapter 1 – Layout
14:50 Chapter 2 – Animations & Transitions
25:27 Chapter 3 – Inserting 3D Models

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Duration: 00:36:26