Amazing Photoshop DOUBLE EXPOSURE Hand Face Effect! Joyner Lucas ADHD Cover – Copycat #5

In this Copycat Wednesday tutorial, you’re going to learn how to create the hands over face double exposure effect from the Joyner Lucas ADHD album cover.

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? INDEX – Hand Over Face Double Exposure Effect
00:00 – Intro
01:00 – Crop the image
02:26 – Create a Vector Mask over the hands
04:43 – Group the Layers
05:38 – Create a Vector Mask over the face
06:34 – Create a group to contain all the contents within the face
07:00 – Reposition and Rotate the hands over the face
08:10 – Feather the mask to create softer edges
09:15 – Create the “Blend” and “Normal” layers
09:48 – Use Darken (Blending Mode) to apply the Double Exposure effect
09:57 – Make the Image into Black and White
10:45 – Use the Levels Adjustment Layer to adjust the blend
11:48 – Selectively reveal the pixels in the “Normal” layer
13:46 – Paint shadows around the fingers
16:48 – Control the contrast of the face layer with the Levels Adjustment
18:20 – Fine-Tune the double exposure effect with the Camera Raw filter


Vector Masks Fully Explained!

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