All my Amazon KDP related Instagram posts – EXPLAINED

Well, this one is looong.

But it felt ridiculous to split it into smaller videos so here it is, all my inside scoop about #AmazonKDP.

Motivational video:

Get you started in the KDP video:

Keywords video:

KDP Keyword organizer:

Trademarks check:

PEN name generator:

BISAC book categories:

NEW Facebook group:
If you are a designer, artist, or illustrator and you like some help, guidance, or advice on anything active and passive online income, and if you want to read about my wins and fails so you can learn what not to do and what to do 😀 join the group.

(link will be shorter in the future once I sort out the domain name)

You can create a simple maze or you can also make them into learning about something, depending on what illustrations you add.If you have questions and want to see more of the maze tutorials, leave a comment.

For computer-generated mazes check Luke Bowes maze generator and PowerPoint ADD-IN:

My CF fan page where I upload unique mazes and materials for my fans

My Creative Fabrica store
My Gumroad store
My Fiverr art studio


Some of the above links are affiliate links. If you click on one of them, I’ll receive a commission. I do not guarantee any results or investment returns based on the information in the video. #KDPjourney #KDPexperience

Duration: 01:08:51