[Album Stream] Dubbie – Dimensions (Premiere!)


wewwww 😀

So for those who dont know, ive been working pretty hard this year to make another album release under Dubbie as an alias. Ive had a lot of time to think about myself, a lot of time to heal mentally, etc etc.. all of these steps has helped me work with all the energy coming back to me, so at the end of the day, i managed to make this! Its been great!!
While i always have a hard time enjoying my own work (due to constantly setting super high expectations on myself) i have tried to look past it for this release. Ive wanted to enjoy it as much as i can, so you can enjoy it with me.

i wont lie, Ive tried to hype this up a bit over time cuz, i want to work on my confidence regarding music……. so i hope the results will make up for it X))

With that said, i hope youll enjoy these 30 minutes of EDM!
Thanks for listening and supporting 😀 ♥



00:10 – Basshead
04:19 – Chasing Clouds
08:03 – The World is Yours
10:57 – Muzzle Velocity
13:51 – Dreams (Interlude)
15:36 – No Shelter
19:23 – Dancing Lights
23:50 – Chaos Game
26:53 – Future FUCK (Remix)


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[ https://dubbie.bandcamp.com/album/dimensions ]

♥ T9 Original by Gynx ♥
[ https://rinkusu.bandcamp.com/track/future-fuck ]

Duration: 00:30:13