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Album Design is the first plug-in for Adobe Photoshop designed to speed up the layout process of digital photo albums. Finally you will able to work on the album layout directly in Photoshop while editing your photos no need to use additional software.
Unlike traditional imaging software whose complexity can decrease productivity, Album Design will enhance your productivity, facilitating the creation of complete digital albums in less than one hour, as a result – more number of albums to be created within the same time and with less efforts.
Album Design has been designed for discriminating photographer who wishes to provide a personal and creative touch to his/her album creations.

Album Design provides more than 1700 templates, automatically resizable to any album size; just double click at the template and it will be opened in Adobe Photoshop ready to be used. Use square templates for vertical albums or vice versa with no squashed or skewing of your photos. Templates can be also flipped along vertical and horizontal axis and may be modify and combined easily because they are true PSD files that open in Adobe Photoshop.
You have access to all of your Adobe Photoshop filters, brushes, fonts, shapes and you may modify existing or add your own templates easily, create your own masks, frames and even add your pictures or drawings to be used as backgrounds or clipart.
Album Design includes 130 fantastic photographic filtres and with just one button click you will turn your picture into a glamorous portrait, enhance contrast, whiten teeth, convert to sepia or our special black and white and even create hand tinted designs with no fuss and effects can be discarded or changed easily at any time.You may rotate, resize and reposition your pictures. Album Design converts a selection of your images into a unique photo collage instantly, then provides elegant tools to re-organize, crop, color balance and package your composition.
More than 700 masks are provided to be easily added to your layers with only one double click, 100 style frames fully configurable and editable, 400 styles for objects, 220 backgrounds, 80 objects and of course you may add your own text to template. You may add your own graphic libraries to Album Design.
Use the layout feature to create and order a preview of your images for the whole album and then import the pictures to templates, you may even let the software autodesign your album or choose to freehand design your layout and templates. It’s all possible and it’s all easy. Auto Template and Auto Album are available in the new version of Album Design. Auto Template permit to resize and insert photo into template automaticaly. Auto Album permit to layout your album automaticaly.
1f700 Pagination Template, 130 Filter phofraphics Effects, 700 Mask, 100 Frames Styles
400 Styles, 80 Objects, 220 Backgrounds, new features: *12 Flow Filters;
*4 Color Filters; * 4 Define Filters ; *8 Easy Frame Filters;

*the window for personalized demention of the templates;
*add and remove the folders from Bowser;
*delete all photos from template;
*delete all marks;
*copy and paste the objects from one browser to other one;
*minimize the application;
*work and save 1, 2, 3…(no limits)projects in the same time;
*convert color profile automaticaly.
Designed sheet is saved automatically:
PSD with opened layers, JPEG, for multimedia, for WEB.
Designed sheet is saved manualy:
TIFF with opened layers, TIFF with closed layers, PDF with HD, PDF Priview, PDF Demo, Split, Index.
The ready project of digital album can be shared with friend and customers via e-mail, published to the web as a web album or printed from bussiness card up to poster size.
If you like to create your unique designs in Photoshop, then you need a fast tool to help you and automate the process: Album Design, plugin for Adobe Photoshop, improves your designs and creativity.

Album Design software the professional photographer was waiting for. Easy to use, fast and affordable. Plenty of digital wedding album templates and wide graphic libraries ready to be used.

Mac, Windows are available. Fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS3 – CS4 – CS5 -CS6 – CC 32 and 64 Bits.

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