Airline Missile Strike

Advanced VFX final project at AI- San Diego. Created using a Canon 7d, After Effects, Nuke, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

1) Stabilize background plate
2) Key out original sky
3) Track in New Sky (tough shot to track)
4) Color correct BG plate and new sky
5) Animate Missile path using 3D layers, matching the footage
6) Attach particle system to path, particle type=sprite
7) Get particle system to look right
8) Attach lens flare object to same path
9) Key out a copy of just the plane
10) Shatterize the plane into a bunch of pieces at the right time
11) Add in the explosive fireball elements
12) Comp in the cockpit layers, add texture and color correction to make the appearance of glass
13) Make a radar target in Illustrator, animate it in AE, and add some animated text.
14) Tweak and color-grade everything to finalize the look
15) Drop in appropriate sound FX and mix the audio levels

Duration: 10

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