A&G Wake Up The Bay – KFTY TV50

DESCRIPTION: Show open to the Armstrong & Getty morning show on KFTY TV50

PROGRAMS: After Effects, Photoshop, Pro Animator, Illustrator.

CONTRIBUTION: All Animation was performed by me in After Effects. I staggered lots of text layers in z-space to add depth to the camera fly through. Flying in and out of the Golden Gate Bridge graphic was designed to connect TV50 with the local Bay Area. The Armstrong and Getty Logo is a vector graphic from Illustrator that was extruded in Pro Animator to be 3D. The 3D text was also designed in Pro Animator, then imported into AE. Likewise the TV50 logo and Talk 910 logo were also extruded vector graphics.

The artwork was provided by a local graphic designer. I modified the graphics in Photoshop to to get them ready for AE animation. The city skyline image required extending to fit the fully zoomed out camera state of the animation. I used Photoshop clone tools to accomplish this.

Duration: 13

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