#aftereffectstutorials – Illustrator to aftereffects complete workflow

Hey there, In this video i am show you the complete workflow from #Illustratortoaftereffects we gonna cover #distributetolayers, layers options, import options in after effects, blending modes, continuously rasterize, gradient fill, alpha matte, #wavewarp effect, parenting layer, Loopout Expression etc.
Watch the complete video know create this cool looking animation
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Download the artwork- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lSZbtiup_i5D58bMzIi9mRB9EVkGR_KL/view?usp=sharing

instragram- https://www.instagram.com/mixmotiondesign.01/


0:00 Motion graphics
0:04 intro
0:17 Launch illustrator
0:36 Distribute layers
0:55 Renaming Layer
1:07 layers option illustrator
1:33 after effects import option
1:43 import as Footage
1:52 import as composition
2:38 Blending modes
2:49 Toggle mode shortcut
3:05 continuously rasterize
3:23 precomps
3:42 parent layers
4:00 rectangle path
4:10 Gradient
4:05 alpha matte
5:29 wave warp
6:11 island position
6:36 Loop out Expression
7:43 increase timing shortcut
9:20 wave type
9:42 Bezier path
10:42 path curve
11:18 parallax zoom
13:18 output


Duration: 00:13:26

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