After Effects tutorial: Recombining render passes |

This After Effects tutorial shows how to combine render passes in a new composition so they can be manipulated separately but be imported as a single layer in another comp. Watch more at

This tutorial is just a single movie from the fourth chapter of the Maya Rendering for After Effects Composites course presented by author Lee Lanier. The complete course is 3 hours long, and shows how to create render passes in Autodesk Maya, recombine the passes in Adobe After Effects, and motion track the passes to live-action video footage that contains a moving camera or a moving character

Maya Rendering for After Effects Composites table of contents:
1. Prepping a Maya Scene
2. Introduction to the Render Layer Editor
3. Creating Render Passes with mental ray
4. Recombining Render Passes in After Effects
5. Transforming Motion Tracking in After Effects
6. Transforming Motion Tracking to a Moving Camera
7. Stabilization and Corner Pin Motion Tracking

Duration: 00:07:05

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