After Effects Tutorial | How To Use Trim Paths And Layer Strokes To Animate Shape Layers Easily |

Hello Friends,
Welcome back to my another short new tutorial now on Shape Layers in After Effects. In this tutorial, you are going to learn about:
1. How to create Shape Layers directly in composition panel (not from Shape Layer tool)
2. How to add different groups for different shapes in Shape Layer
3. How to add Stroke and Trim Paths individually for each shape group
4. Usage of Blur, Curves And Glow effect to intensify your animation
5. Finally, applying Enable Time Remapping to reverse your animation after some part of your final animations
6. And many more…

So, why to wait?

Do watch this tutorial without any hesitation to learn new techniques in animating shapes with trim paths as well as using groups option.

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As I mentioned in this tutorial, here some details on how I have used Enable Time Remapping effect to reverse or shorten or lengthen our animation:
1. Select layer where you want to apply Enable Time Remapping
2. Right Click On the layer, Then click on Time in the menu. Then select Enable Time Remapping option from submenu.
3. When selected, it applies to keyframes by default – one at start and other at end of selected layer. (Say, they are 1st keyframe and 4th keyframe)
4. Go to the place where your current animation ends in Timeline.
5. Create a keyframe there. (Say it is 2nd keyframe)
6. Go to few frames further this keyframe and create one more keyframe (Say it is 3rd keyframe)
7. Go to the 4th keyframe (created in 3rd step above) and replace it with 1st keyframe.
8. Now totally we have 4 keyframes:
– 1st keyframe to 2nd keyframe : Our actual animation
– 2nd keyframe to 3rd keyframe : Stand still of last frame of our actual animation.
– 3rd keyframe to 4th keyframe – Reverse animation for our actual animation.

Enable Time Remapping is very useful for Lower Thirds where we have forward and reverse animation. This Remapping option saves us lot of time from doing reverse animation individually for each layer.

With Enable Time Remapping, we can also shorten and lengthen the animation by dragging all keyframes to a particular position in timeline.

That’s how folks, I use this option in my tutorials. Hope, I am more detailed on Time Remapping. If you have any queries, please send me in comments section.

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