After Effects Tutorial: How to Create a Text Messaging Animation

***If you’re having issues***
1. At 20:00, Right-click on the ‘Position’ property on the ‘movement’ null. Select “Separate Dimensions” to get the X and Y properties.

2. Make sure the Box layers are parented to the “Movement” null layer

Create a text messaging animation in After Effects with just a few keyframes and a really neat expression that drives the animation of the conversation. Yeah!

Here’s the link to the blog post-

Looks like too much work? You might be thinking- what’s the difference between this tutorial and the text messaging template sold at the site? The main difference is template has everything configured- box animation, slider controls, etc, so all you have to do is type in your conversation, adjust the boxes and maybe adjust the animation with some slider controls. Plus the template has 40 text boxes already linked together so you can make a super long texting animation.

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