After Effects Tutorial – Dynamic Timeline Slider (Loki Disney+)

I’ve been loving the visual elements in the new Loki series on Disney+ and it inspired me to recreate some of the visuals in After Effects.

In this video we look at creating the timeline slider used to display changes in what year a scene is taking place in. We rig the whole thing with expressions to enable us to dynamically control the animation, and take things one step further by adding in the ability to not only do years, but full dates as well.

Also a quick note I messed up the annotations on the expressions where it refers to the Animation Slider Control, it instead calls it the Animate slider control. If you pickwhip your sliders you will be fine.

Stay tuned for more tutorials breaking down other visual elements from the Loki series.

Also yes I’m slowly coming back after the birth of my twins. They’re amazing boys but they take up all my time so it’s hard to find a spare couple days to sit down to create a video. But I haven’t forgotten you all and will be attempting to do more videos in the future.

Check out the website for this tutorial, plus explanations, code snippets, FAQs, and more….


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