After Effects Shortcut – Blend Between Multiple Cinema 4D Lit Global Illumination Still Renders

The idea of this mix set was to transition from so-called ‘light’ drum and bass tracks towards ‘dark’ ones. For the cover image, I started arranging the words and three point lighting, enhancing the meaning of the individual words.

By this time, it’s taking almost 30 seconds to render a single frame just with medium quality global illumination. I wondered what kind of video can be made out of this along with what kind of alternate lighting could fit well with the idea. Turning off individual lights looked real nice, but once ambient occlusion was enabled and GI quality was turned up, a single frame is taking well beyond a minute. How could I even think of rendering a 70 minute video out of Cinema 4D?

While making test renders per light, the quick fix came… what if the images were loaded into Photoshop as layers, could opacity really end up looking as if the light intensity is realistically changing? Turns out this method works great as long as at least one light is exactly the same between two renders being blended.

Still in Photoshop, I needed to put some information on this cover image, so I chose my font, arranged it, added a very light drop shadow, then took it to After Effects to check if the same looking result can be done. Sure enough, being another Adobe product, the same drop shadow values match Photoshop’s and the opacity blend looks great in motion.

This is a blatantly simple example, but I can imagine running into this method again to change lighting through compositing instead of rendering in an animation (or even adventure game?), particularly if only the background needs to change.

One other SUPER EZ corner cut was an After Effects script that takes an .SRT format subtitle file and converts it to text with accurate keyframes for display:

Anyway, the final video is here if you actually want to hear the music play along with the (much much longer) video transitions you just saw:

Duration: 20

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