After Effects Gunshot Wound Tutorial

After Effects Gunshot Wound Tutorial
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In my short film, Banana Pearl (link to the film below), there is scene with a gunshot wound which I created using solely After Effects. In this first behind the scenes tutorial video series, I take you through how I managed to create this realistic looking wound in After Effects.

Gangster Comedy Short Film – Banana Pearl By Ben Simon

Banana Pearl logline:
After failing to deliver an apparently un-crackable code, Deejay and his computer-whiz acid casualty mate Lenny end up on the run from Champagne Charlie, a ruthless gangster known for her quirky methods of coercion.
This is a fast-paced slice of Brit-gangster mayhem in which things aren’t always what they seem.

Banana Pearl Facebook page:
Banana Pearl Trailer:

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After Effects Gunshot Wound Tutorial:

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After Effects Gunshot Wound Tutorial:

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