After Effects Beginner Tutorial: Guru Lesson 1

In this guru lesson you are doing your first steps in After Effects. We start the tutorial with importing the required footage and creating a composition. Then you learn how to work with layers in After Effects and use blending modes to create the amazing fire effect. Finally you learn how to export the final video using either AE’s build-in render queue or the Adobe Media Encoder.

— Chapters —
1:41 Importing clips into After Effects and creating a composition
10:55 Working with layers
19:19 Using Blending modes to create the fire effect
25:24 Exporting the clip using AE’s render queue or the Adobe Media Encoder

The Guru Lessons are a free AE tutorial series for beginners. Step by step the videos teaches you all the basics you need to get started. The guru lessons make learning the basics fun. Already in the first tutorials you create amazing effects. You can also download the After Effects project for each lesson.
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Duration: 00:31:49

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