After Effects based School House Rock parody

When writer Rob Kutner approached me about helping with the release of his comedy album, “It’s OK to Do Stuff” I jumped at the chance. The album was created to benefit St. Jude’s medical center and that’s something that my partner and I at Simplifilm could get behind.

Rob described doing a “school house style” animation, and that sounded like a real blast. It also required that I do more cell based animation than I’d ever done before. We brainstormed some sequences, I went out and bought the school house rock collection to study frame by frame and then the animation began. Over a period of 2.5 weeks, i created the sequences in Photoshop, that were eventually animated in After Effects.

To achieve the the limited frame look of the video, I relied heavily on this tutorial and effects:

Preset+Tutorial: Stop Motion Kit

In addition to those presents, I used Digieffects Damage 2.5 to achieve the overexposed TV look, and Neweton to create the motion of the bouncing balloons.

Duration: 90

Likes: 6