After Effects-AMV Tutorial-3D Text Animation

After Effects-AMV Tutorial-3D Text Animation
In this After Effects editing/motion graphics/filmmaking/ typography/ anime/ amv/ filmmaking/ music video/ gaming montage/travel vlog,I show you how to create beautiful 3D Text Animations inside After Effects using the third-party plug-in called Element 3D by Video Copilot. This effect can be enhanced by additional elements such as motion blur,optical flare,particles and motion tracking.For more textures make sure to download the Pro Shaders pack by Video Copilot.The following tutorial holds credibility regardless of the After Effects version one maybe using.
Sony Vegas 3D Text Animation-
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►Twitch Effect-
►Ghost Shake-
►After Effects Basics-
►3D Motion Tracking (Pictures/Text/Videos)-
►Aaloosh Trail Animation-
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After Effects-AMV Tutorial-3D Text Animation

Duration: 00:10:35