After Effects: Adjusting hue and saturation |

This specific tutorial is a single movie from chapter three of the After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics course presented by author Chad Perkins. Watch more at

The complete course has a total duration of 8 hours and 49 minutes. After Effects CS4 Beyond the Basics table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Efficiency-Increasing Tips and Tricks
3. Color Correction
4. Color Correction in Camera Raw
5. Blending Layers and Compositing
6. Advanced Effects
7. Making Particles
8. Creating Common Motion Graphics Elements
9. Advanced Animation
10. The Principles of Animation
11. Working with Photoshop Files
12. Project: Animating Elements from a Photo
13. Advanced 3D
14. Mastering Masks and Shape Layers
15. Playing with Time
16. Intermediate Expressions
17. Introducing Mocha
18. Mastering Output
19. Optimizing and Tweaking After Effects

Duration: 00:05:01

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