Advanced Tools for Designers in Adobe Substance 3D Stager

This tutorial is Part 2 of the Adobe Substance 3D Stager tutorial intended for Advanced Users. If you are just starting out in 3D modeling/designing with Adobe Substance, please be sure to watch Part 1 that is also posted on my channel and in the links below.

A little bit about the 3D community: The 3D world has put tremendous efforts into three-dimensional object modeling over the past decade, and has achieved many impressive breakthroughs. Adobe Stager is a professional scene design and rendering application, where you can combine 3D
models and 2D images to create high quality, photorealistic imagery. In this video, you’ll learn how to create complex scenes with multiple 3D assets, materials and environmental lightning effects. I believe that Adobe 3D Stager is a bit underrated in its capabilities, as it can stage very complex scenes that are traditionally achieved only by professional architecture and construction design softwares. It can be an opportunity to cut from material waste by focusing on 3D prototyping and brainstorming before any resources are unnecessarily wasted. This sector has been/can be transformative for many industries such as interior design/decor, construction, fashion, retailing, architecture, healthcare, advertising and marketing.

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