Advanced Photo Book Techniques in Affinity Publisher

This session includes a range of more advanced techniques you can use to take the professionalism of your Photo Books to the next level.

00:00:00 – Start
00:00:40 – Introduction
00:04:56 – Creating Wrap-around Covers
00:07:39 – Downloading Cover Templates
00:10:55 – Opening and Converting an INDD Template
00:14:00 – Working with Photoshop Templates
00:15:27 – Creating a Wrap-around Cover in Affinity Publisher from Scratch
00:22:45 – Creating a Wrap-around Cover in Affinity Designer from Scratch
00:25:35 – Adding Content to a Wrap-around Cover
00:30:35 – Managing Basic Image Placement and Super Charging Image Placement with the Secret Place Images Panel
00:40:43 – Advanced Image Masking and Custom Image Frames
00:48:35 – Using a Panoramic Image in a Wrap-around Cover
00:56:58 – Using StudioLink to Create Advanced Picture Frames
01:03:51 – Making Global Updates: Text, Shapes, Stroke and More!
01:18:00 – Preparing a Native Affinity Publisher Template for Your Future Photo Books
01:21:00 – Converting Pages to Master Pages
01:39:38 – Exporting a Template and Enabling Access to It
01:52:20 – Exporting As Images
01:54:30 – Creating a Mood Board
02:02:45 – Recap
02:06:05 – Q&A

If you’re looking for the basics of creating a Photo Book check out:

This session includes step by step demonstrations of how to effectively enhance beautiful Photo Books in Affinity Publisher with some bonus demonstrations of how to achieve the same results in Affinity Designer

Taking your Photo Books to the next level in Affinity Publisher made easy!

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Duration: 02:27:51