Advanced animations in adobe xd | Adobe xd tutorials in hindi UI/UX series #11

Advanced animation adobe xd. Here you will learn how to create advanced animations in adobe xd with Auto animation. My previous video was about the basics of animation and i described what the options mean like “trigger”, “Action”, “Destination”, “Ease” etc.

In this video, you will learn how to implement these options in an app and on your projects. So you will see all these options in action.

Auto animation is the key feature in adobe xd that makes our animations more attractive and explains our vision to the client perfectly.

In this video, I am covering topics like:
1. Size animation in adobe xd (Shapes can be automatically resized.)
2. Position Animation in adobe xd (If the position of your layers changes, auto-animate will recognize this and animate accordingly.)
3. Drag animation in adobe xd (With this trigger you can drag any shape and create an animation based on it)
4. Opacity animation in adobe xd (Decreasing or increasing the opacity of your layers will also animate.)
5. Corner roundness animation in adobe xd (If you round the corners of a rectangle, they’ll
animate beautifully.)
6. Path animation in adobe xd (Individual points on your lines will also animate, allowing you to create some fancy charts.)
7. Different speed of the animation in a single design
8. Staggering! (You can place elements further from each other
to create a staggered effect while animating.)

Thanks to Howard Pinsky and JonathanPimento for this resource. I tried to explain this in the Hindi language.

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