Adobe Xd Web Design Tutorial – Design your first page with me

My Adobe Xd Web Design Tutorial for 2022 and beyond. This replaces my old adobe xd tutorial now with a realistic design. You will learn all the basics & essentials in this beginner friendly tutorial.

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Parts in this video (clickable links)
00:00:00 Before we start
00:01:26 Step 1: Setting up Adobe Xd
00:05:02 Step 2: Creating the basic structure
00:13:56 Step 3: Working with images and icons
00:20:20 Step 4: Applying different effects
00:26:19 Step 5: Adding text content
00:37:34 Step 6: Creating buttons and our menu
00:45:28 Step 7: Using components for efficiency
00:49:18 Step 8: How to save, export and share your design

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Duration: 00:55:54