Adobe XD Tutorial 2019 – 3 ways to Test on Mobile Devices!

Adobe XD lets you design and prototype mobile, desktop and web applications with ease, and in this video, I cover how to test those prototypes that you create on a real device, through Adobe XD’s mobile application or even a website that is made available to anyone.

So there are three ways in which you can test the prototype outside of your computer with Adobe XD:

1. Uploading it to Creative Cloud and using the mobile version of the Adobe XD app on a device, sign in with your Adobe account, and voilà!

2. Connecting your mobile device to your computer, make sure that you also have the Adobe XD mobile app installed on that mobile device, and run the prototype from desktop Adobe XD. This works great on devices that are not yours (so you don’t have to sign in with your account).

3. Create a website that presents your prototype to anyone with the link. This webpage can, of course, be opened from any browser, including mobile ones!

Duration: 00:05:24