Adobe XD to Flutter Tutorial

Adobe XD now support Flutter! this is the fastest and easiest Adobe XD to Flutter Tutorial on Youtube in order to export any Adobe XD Project into Flutter 2.0 with this simple Adobe XD Dependency. It is a simple plugin that allow you to get the actual Adobe XD project coded for you inside your Flutter Project. Obviously, you still need to code because this is very Static code but it is very useful to save a lot of time on the actual UI part.


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🎥 Timestamps

0:00​ 🎦 Intro
0:12 1️⃣ Demonstration
1:06 2️⃣ Dependency and Plugin
1:56 3️⃣ Connect Adobe XD to Flutter
2:30 4️⃣ How to Export
3:16 5️⃣ Congrats!
3:25​ 🎦 Outro

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About: In this video, Louis-Philippe from Flutter Mapp will show you how to export your Adobe XD UIs into a Flutter project. For this we will use the adobe_xd Dependency and the latest very of Adobe XD. This is very useful to have UIs into your applications without coding it!

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Duration: 00:03:34