Adobe XD Tips and Tricks 2022 | Learn how to Prototype Faster Using Stacks, Repeat Grid & More!

video description
in this Adobe XD tutorial, I will teach you how to use some tips to help you work more efficiently in your website prototypes using adobe xd 2022, also in this tutorial of tips and tricks I will tell you about the stacks & repeat grid also how to use plain text files in your project… this will help you to design faster and make your designs more appealing however one of the most important things in graphic design is to learn how to manage your negative space in web designs.

📂 Files Used In this tutorial 📂

0:00 intro
0:15 opening file
0:24 adjusting the grid
0:44 editing menu
1:28 Hero Section
1:49 Products section (Repeat Grid)
2:15 Adding Plain text to products
3:51 Benefits Section
4:11 Using Stacks in sections
5:07 Final Design

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In graphic design is extremely important to learn about tips and tricks that will help you boost your graphic design productivity and help you have a better approach to your everyday designs. if you have any questions about stacks, Repeat Grid, add a Plain text File to your projects, Or if you just simply wanna say hi. Just add in the comments below and I will try my best to you understand. Thank you so much for watching 👋👋👋

Duration: 00:05:38