Adobe XD Prototyping Interactions Overview

An overview of many prototyping mechanics (timestamps in description) and action summary inside of Adobe XD. This video tutorial will cover several different types of actions that you can use to get more realistic interactions between component states as well as art boards and gives a general overview of many different types of prototyping possibilities.

Video Timeline
02:44 – Button Component States (default, hover, tap)
07:15 – Switch Toggle with Auto Animate
09:33 – Basic Page (art board) Transitions
11:36 – Timed Transitions
12:48 – Vertical Scrolling
14:06 – Anchor (Scroll To) Prototyping
17:07 – Fixed Header (any element) Scrolling
17:48 – Off Canvas Menu
19:47 – Overlay Transition Prototype
22:07 – Many Component State Prototype
24:34 – Simple Drag Transition
25:31 – Gallery Horizontal Drag

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Duration: 00:28:00