Adobe XD Multiple Interactions Prototype Tutorial

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▶ Project Files:
▶ Programs I am Using: Adobe XD
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In this Adobe XD Multiple Interactions Prototype tutorial we will go through the process of creating a prototype for testing. Adobe XD’s prototype tab is great for testing how the real app while function. This allows us to make adjustments to the design before it’s handed off to the developers. In Adobe XD’s latest update they released Multiple Interactions, which gives us the ability to create multiple triggers (tap, drag, voice, keyboard shortcut) on one element. This feature greatly increases Adobe XD’s real world prototyping and capabilities. In this tutorial we will go through each step to create a working prototype for a music playlist dark theme app. Taking advantage of auto animate to make some nice animations for the prototype. So we will be covering both Multiple Interactions & Auto Animate in this prototype tutorial. Enjoy the video 😀

Duration: 00:11:02