Adobe XD Masterclass – Episode 45

Join Adobe XD Evangelist Howard Pinsky as he walks you through tips & tricks to improve your designing and workflows.


00:00 Start
2:45 Recap of Previous Masterclass
5:10 Filling in a Wallet Address Box
10:25 Adding Icons to Wallet Address Bar
13:02 Creating a Separator Line
14:50 Using Repeat Grid to Show Transactions History
16:03 Difference Between Padding and Stacks
22:18 When to Not Use Padding with Buttons
23:55 Creating a Search Bar
28:30 Adding a Notification Bell Icon
30:40 Creating a Container for Account Rewards
33:10 Adding a Gradient to the Container
35:25 Adding Text Info to Container
42:50 Editing Other Containers in Repeat Grid
47:48 Adding a Container for New Shops Available
52:09 Creating a Horizontal Scroll Group

Duration: 00:57:30