adobe xd hover state animation Adobe xd in hindi tutorials | UI/UX series PART 27

Adobe xd hover state animation. This video describes hover & states feature in adobe xd. This is my #27 video of the series “UI/UX”. These features were most awaiting features on adobe xd. Now hover is possible with a very easy way. and you can add multiple triggers to the same button/element, like a tap as well as hover. And all this without using multiple artboards but in a single artboard. You just have to create/define different states of your element and set it as a trigger. Hover & states feature in adobe XD described perfectly in this video with details. So try Hover & State feature on your own, ask me questions if you are facing any problem using them.
I have designed and described all general kinds of hover and states elements in Hindi.
I am sharing one XD file from Howard Pinsky, Senior XD Evangelist, Adobe. This file has almost all possible elements you will need to understand all these features. I have explained few of them quickly in this video.

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