Adobe XD for UI Design (Plus Muse) – learn User Experience Design

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Adobe XD for UI Design (Plus Muse) – learn User Experience Design
Best User Experience Design Course
Create Web and Mobile User Interfaces
How to create a UI for Website,XD Interface & Tools,Master Adobe XD Tips & Tricks,Prototyping transitions,Working with Adobe Muse,Creating a responsive website
Basic Graphic Design knowledge,Version: This course includes all the new features of Adobe XD CC 1.0, such as Libraries!,Do you want to design interfaces quickly and without issues? Adobe Experience Design is an extremely versatile tool for UI/UX designers because it also lets the users create interactive prototypes. Not only are we going to discuss working techniques for Adobe XD but also make our project into a working website with Adobe Muse!,Course lessons will show you how to exchange data between Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, and even mobile apps, which you can use to quickly prototype with your tablet or smart phone. Wireframes created this way can be easily imported to XD where you can continue your work. In Experience Design, you can use Assets panel and Creative Cloud Libraries to manage all the assets and keep them consistent in your software.,This course focuses on the creation of a practical website project. The site advertises the intelligent home app we have worked on during our previous UI courses. However, the start might seem a bit unusual because we deal with a desktop view, then we create a responsive view and test it on a mobile phone. Next we prototype transitions and interactions for a finished project and prepare graphic assets to be exported to the Web.,User Interface DesignersUX DesignersGraphic Designers,User Interface Designers,UX Designers,Graphic Designers

Duration: 00:02:07