Adobe Xd Components States | Create a Pop-Up window

Adobe Xd Components States, create a Pop-Up window. In this Adobe XD tutorial, I will teach you how to create a pop-up window using multiple components states in just one artboard with different triggers and destinations.

Adobe XD New State
Use New State for scenarios where you want to show variations of a component such as a disabled or clicked version of a component. Click the + button next to the master component’s Default State in the Property Inspector, and select New State.

Adobe XD Hover State
Use Hover State if you want your component to change and display a different state when a user hovers over the component. In Design mode, click the + button next to the Master component’s Default State in the Property Inspector, and select Hover State. When using Hover State, you don’t have to go to Prototype mode to wire the interaction. It’s automatically done for you.

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Duration: 00:08:31