Adobe Spotlight: Exploring Editorial Design with Kieron Lewis

Prepare to embark on an inspiring journey into the world of graphic design with the illustrious Kieron Lewis! Join us for a captivating Adobe Spotlight interview as we delve into Kieron’s remarkable background, creative process, and invaluable insights gleaned from a distinguished career in design.

In this segment, you will…
– Get acquainted with the multifaceted designer as he shares glimpses of his journey to becoming a prominent freelance designer and captivating public speaker.
– Explore Kieron’s passion for editorial design and discover the intricacies of his creative process when bringing editorial projects to life. Gain valuable insights into the art of visual storytelling and editorial layout mastery.
– Dive into the world of Adobe as Kieron reveals his favorite products and tools, and how he leverages them to streamline his workflow and breathe life into his design concepts. Witness the magic of Adobe InDesign in action!
– Kieron’s latest collaborations, awards, and what lies ahead for his design work.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn insights from a true design luminary! Join us as we uncover the secrets of Kieron Lewis’s artistic journey and unlock the keys to design excellence.

Guest Kieron Lewis is a freelance graphic designer based in London, UK:

Host Emily Poulin is a designer based in Southern California:

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00:00 Start
1:25 Who is Kieron?
4:35 Kieron’s path to editorial design
5:40 Inspiration and Concepting
8:50 What did Kieron want to be when he was growing up?
21”45 How Kieron designs a books
24:50 Getting client feedback on layouts
44:25 Advice for new designers
48:18 Kieron’s career milestones
53:20 Kieron’s greatest influences

Duration: 00:56:21