Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial In Hindi Playlist | Beginners | 2020| Shortcuts | Source panel| Class 03

Welcome everyone to the Class- 03 of Adobe premiere pro cc 2020 tutorial for beginners in Hindi. This Playlist is specially designed for beginners who always wanted to learn adobe premiere pro in Hindi but don’t know how to start?

Today you will learn very important shortcut keys by which your work efficiency will increase and how to work on our source panel, What is timeline? and many more interesting things.
All you need is adobe premiere pro 2018 version (minimum requirement) on your PC and commitment to practice and dedication.

By the end of this course, I promise you all that you’ll be an expert so, that you can easily get a job or you can work as a freelancer or you can edit your own content for Social media.

So, Let’s jump into the video.

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Duration: 00:21:20