Adobe Premiere Pro Slow Motion Tutorial GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Video Camera 240fps

This tutorial is about how to take footage shot with your go pro hero 3 camera shot at 240fps wvga and slow it down. This also shows how I went from standard speed to slomo. Im sorry for some of the jerkiness (if thats a word) in the footage while its still in the editor, screen capture did this, as you will see its not in the final project) watch it here
This is a very simple tutorial and if youve been using a non linear editor nle at all you probably already know all of this, but ive been asked a few times about this sow here ya go. I made this with ezvid software available free at
Its nice software with some serious limitations that i havent worked around yet, but give me a day or two and i will find a hack, mod or workaround.

Duration: 00:03:04