Adobe Premiere Pro Display Format Explanation| Video Editing, Course| Tutorial, in Hindi, Urdu

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Hello friend In this class we explained the video display format of premiere pro in detail. In which these four options are given.
a – Timecode
b – Feet + Frame 16 mm
c – Feet + Frame 35 mm
d – Frame
If you have any kind of questions about this topic in your mind۔
1- What is timecode in video, camera or film?
2- What is timecode in premiere pro or video editing?
3- What is timecode use for?
4- What is frame rate in video or video editing?
5- What is frame or frame rate in camera?

So you will get the answer to all these questions in detail in this video. Because this complete video editing course is ongoing. In which you will have the answer to every question of this type.
So watch the video till the end. So that you can know the answer to all these questions correctly.
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