Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 | Video Editing Tutorial For Beginners

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We recently got Adobe Premiere Pro 2022 & although I had been using Premiere for awhile, our team at Elvira Media had not. So I wanted to do a walkthrough of the program for the team, and we decided to record it so that it can help others as well.

This is a basic rundown of adobe premiere pro. This is meant for beginners so if you are an expert there is not much here for you. You may learn some of my shortcuts, some of the ways I like to organize my assets, and a few tricks that I have picked up on the way.

In any case, if there was only a specific part of the process that you were curious about, I have linked all the appropriate timestamps below. Feel free to go to any section that you need.

I hope this video finds you all well. Go out there and start creating!

00:00 – Intro
00:54 – Opening A Project –
01:22 – Step 1: Importing Assets
02:12 – Step 2: Add Assets To Sequence
03:06 – Step 3: Organize Timeline
03:42 – Step 4: Synchronizing Audio & Video
05:34 – Step 5: Color Correct Footage
08:53 – Step 6: Assembling The “A” Cut
11:41 – Step 7: Add Graphics/Text/”B” Roll
14:32 – Bonus: Animating In Adobe Premiere Pro
16:54 – Bonus 2: Adding Video & Photo Graphics
18:08 – Step 8: Export Settings
22:22 – Wrap Up
23:09 – Outro

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My Keyboard Shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro:


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