Adobe Photoshop: YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop YouTube Thumbnail tutorial, creating beginner visually appealing thumbnails for YouTube Videos in Photoshop CC 2018

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0:00 Intro
1:30 Preview to the Thumbnail Creating Package
3:15 Starting to create a YouTube Thumbnail: Covering dimensions
4:35 Creating a Gradient Background for your Thumbnail
8:55 Creating Text for your Thumbnail & Layer Styles, Effects for your text
8:55 Graphic Design Theory and approach for thumbnails
16:40 Warping and editing the transforms of texts
20:00 Creating transparent cutout for objects + more Graphic Theory
26:15 Visual Effects; Depth of field affect achieved by Gaussian blur
30:10 Backdrop Effects on transparent cutout objects
34:00 Edit Masks

In this tutorial, continuing our Photoshop Basics series, we go in-depth with creating graphics, this time focusing around how to create Thumbnails for your YouTube Videos. This video is divided into multiple sections, serving as a multi-purpose all-in one tutorial, that will help you start creating some visually appealing thumbnails today!

Duration: 00:40:29