Adobe Photoshop AI Tutorial: Extending an Image and Background with Generative Fill


Welcome back to our Adobe Photoshop tutorial series. In today’s episode, we’re excited to introduce a powerful new feature currently in beta: Generative Fill. This tool allows you to extend any image in any direction, making it an ideal solution for creating extra image content where you need it most.

🕒 Timestamps:
0:00 – 0:20 | Introduction to Generative Fill
0:20 – 0:39 | How to Install Adobe Photoshop Beta Version
0:39 – 0:55 | Starting a New Image
0:55 – 1:10 | Using the Crop Tool to Extend Image
1:10 – 1:33 | Extending the Image: Defining Area
1:33 – 1:50 | Selecting Pixels with Rectangular Marker Tool
1:50 – 2:07 | Using Generative Fill
2:07 – 2:23 | Generating Image Extension
2:23 – 2:39 | Reviewing the Resulting Image
2:39 – 2:53 | Reviewing Variations of Extended Image
2:53 – 3:07 | Re-Generating Images & Concluding Thoughts

Watch along as we walk you through the simple steps to utilize this amazing feature in Photoshop. We start from the very basics of installing the beta version (if you haven’t already), to grabbing an image, and extending it using the generative fill. To demonstrate this new tool, we use the famous ‘Mona Lisa’ painting as our sample image and extend it downward.

We also discuss potential issues that you may run into, like slow running times, and how these are linked to the operation of the Creative Cloud servers.

Our example shows the unexpected, yet fun results you can get – we end up extending Mona Lisa’s dress and even generate a friendly cat in the process!

Remember, you can keep regenerating until you’re satisfied with the results. This amazing tool is all about giving you more creative freedom.

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Stay tuned for more exciting Adobe Photoshop tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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