Adobe, Pantone Colors and Type 1 Fonts – Preflight Problems are Evolving not Diminishing!

Adobe is dropping support for both Pantone colors and postscript Type 1 fonts in their Creative Cloud applications such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. The Pantone licensing was stopped by Adobe in their recent 2023 release, so tales effect now in November 2022. The Type 1 font support will stop on January 1, 2023. More preflight and quality control concerns, for both graphic designers, as well as publishers and of course printers.

Preflight Problems are Evolving not Diminishing!

Although these may sound more like design issues, they will also effect print workflows. As such, we take this opportunity to give a full presentation on Markzware, our Markzware-Line and our preflighting and packaging stand-alone application, FlightCheck. You see, FlightCheck will warn you of Unsupported Pantone colors, Type 1 fonts and hundreds of other potential preflight problems!

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Start stopping print problems, export problems, online display problems and preflight your graphic designs and print files with FlightCheck 2023!

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Find unsupported Pantone colors in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Also fie Type 1 fonts that are used in your Indy and other Adobe files and much more with FlightCheck!

Preflight problems are evolving not diminishing, as can be seen with Adobe and their dropping of Pantone and Type 1 fonts!

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Adobe, Pantone Colors and Type 1 Fonts – Preflight Problems are Evolving not Diminishing!

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