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Hi, my name is Dan Scott and together, you and I are going to learn Adobe Lightroom.

What will students learn in this course?
• Best practices for white balance, temperature & color correction.
• Unlock the power of masking.
• You’ll cover all types of photography genres including Portrait, Landscape, Wedding, Night, Wildlife, Automotive, Event, Architectural, Drone, Travel, Product Food.
• You’ll know how to color grade like a professional, simple grades and then moving into distinctive powerful color grades to make your images really pop.  
• You’ll retouch images, making skin smoother, eyes & teeth whiter. Make hair, eyes and lips standout in portraits. 
• Learn how to remove parts of an image. 
• Learn how to color grade videos. 
• You’ll even learn when and how it might be appropriate to jump out to Adobe Photoshop. 
• Do you have noisy, grainy images? After this course, you’ll know what tools and techniques to use to remove it. 
• Learn how to add the noise, grunge & grain back in for a powerful visual statement. 
• Need to work fast? You’ll learn where to find and how to use the best Presets, LUTS & Profiles. 
• You’ll take your skills and apply your edits in bulk to a huge group of images all at once. 
• Learn Lightroom’s amazing organizational abilities. Quickly sorting, comparing, searching, grading & backing up images.  
• You’ll learn the best settings for printing your images and sharing on social media without losing details and how to package up a shoot and easily share with a client

What are the requirements for take this course?
• Adobe Lightroom CC Desktop (not Lightroom Classic)
• No prior knowledge or experience with Lightroom is required
• No prior knowledge or experience in Photography is required

Who is this course for? 
• This course is really aimed at people new to photo editing software and photography in general. We’ll start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step.
• You might be using the biggest fanciest camera in the world or shooting on your phone that’s held together mostly with sellotape. It doesn’ matter, Lightroom is amazing for both.

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