Adobe Indesign Tutorial for Beginners In Nepali नेपाली भाषामा

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Topic : Adobe Indesign For Beginners

Learn how to use Adobe Indesign to create your own designs of brochures, flyers, books and publishing materials. Learn from the start the basic tools through you can manipulate images, text and shapes to create awe inspiring designs. Start learning now a free course or free tutorial in nepali here at Bahasshala. We will have more Graphic Designing tutorials in future.

नेपाली भाषामा एडोब इनडिजाइन सुरुवात देखि सिक्नुहोस।

Topics covered in this video are:
1. Document Settings
2. Saving and Export Files
3. Panels and Workspace
4. Text and Image Frames
5. Placing Image and Text in Indesign
6. Importing Text from other file format
7. Frame Options and Columns
8. Import and Out-port of Text Frames
9. Character and Paragraph Styles
10. Text Wrapping

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Duration: 01:14:28