Adobe InDesign for Beginners with Tony Harmer @TheDesignNinja

Designer and Educator Tony Harmer will give you a tour of InDesign. You will learn the basics and essential workflows to navigate your way around the tools and panels of InDesign.

00:00 Intro
01:30 Plan for the stream
Document setup
07:24 The Layers panel in InDesign
09:23 How to place an image
10:28 How to lock a layer
11:54 How to add a text frame
12:35 How to add guides
15:18 Adding additional guides using calculations
18:45 How to style text in InDesign
22:40 How to create a paragraph style
28:58 Custom paragraph styles
31:00 How to invoke quick apply to apply paragraph styles
33:04 Pencil tool preferences
35:38 Smoothing without the Smooth tool
38:45 How to use the pathfinder
43:26 Transforming content inside frames
47:02 Object Layer Options
48:50 How to align multiple objects
54:52 How to convert text into outlines
58:00 Preview mode switching

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Duration: 01:04:50