ADOBE INDESIGN CC Tutorial for beginners | Learn how to apply the grid and use typography Like a Pro

I will teach you how to properly use the software ADOBE INDESIGN CC also with this tutorial you will learn how to apply the grid theory to use typography and layout like a Pro. I will focus on the grid systems from joseph Müller Brockman book in this video in particular for theory porpuses and also will be heavily focused on shortcuts and software skills to help you learn the software but also the design theory as a bonus I include some extra tips to improve your typography and grid layout skills. the main goal of this video is to help you to learn how to use the Adobe InDesign cc the proper way and you will learn how to Design using the grid and create professional presentations and layouts.

0:00​ Intro
1:48​ Start Document
5:25​ Mouse Type
6:30​ Master Pages
8:36​ Second layout
12:00 Final Design

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In graphic design is extremely important to learn how to use the grid systems and typography theory because this will take your designs to the next level. and at the same time will be reflected in your projects making them more professional and serious also let me know if you like these formats of videos of tutorial on the program but also the theory of graphic design is a good way to learn theory and the software by doing cool projects.

if you have any questions about ADOBE INDESIGN CC and how to learn the program or about the grid, please leave them in the comments and I will try my best to help you understand how to use Adobe InDesign CC, typography, and the Grid systems to create presentations and work your projects like a pro and apply this knowledge in your Day to day graphic design projects

Thanks so much for watching!👋👋👋

Duration: 00:12:52