Adobe InDesign Bangla Tutorial 2020 | Text Anatomy | Insert Special Character | Part-4

Adobe In design Full Course For Beginners To Advance Bangla Tutorial

In this tutorial video I’ll show how to apply special character, glyphs, icon etc. Anybody can learn easily from basic to advance. Learn in design and earn money. I’ll be happy with your Feedback. Stay With newish-it ðŸĨ°ðŸĨ°ðŸĨ°

Adobe InDesign Bangla Tutorial 2020 | ā§Š āĶŸā§‡āĶ•ā§āĶļāĶŸ āĶ…ā§āĶŊāĶūāĶĻāĶūāĶŸāĶŪāĶŋ | āĶ‡āĶĻāĶļāĶūāĶ°ā§āĶŸ āĶ•ā§āĶŊāĶūāĶ°ā§‡āĶ•ā§āĶŸāĶūāĶ° | āĶŠāĶūāĶ°ā§āĶŸ-ā§Š
Adobe InDesign Bangla Tutorial 2020 | Text Anatomy | Insert Special Character | Part-4

āĶŸāĶŠāĶŋāĶ• āĶ‡āĶļā§āĶŊā§-
āĶ—ā§āĶēāĶŋāĶŦāĶļ, āĶļā§āĶŠā§‡āĶķāĶūāĶē āĶ•ā§āĶŊāĶūāĶ°ā§‡āĶ•ā§āĶŸāĶūāĶ°, āĶđā§‹ā§ŸāĶūāĶ‡āĶŸ āĶļā§āĶŠā§‡āĶļ, āĶŽā§āĶēā§‡āĶŸ āĶāĶŽāĶ‚ āĶĻāĶūāĶŪā§āĶŽāĶūāĶ°āĶŋāĶ‚ āĶŽāĶūāĶ‚āĶēāĶū āĶŸāĶŋāĶ‰āĶŸā§‹āĶ°āĶŋāĶŊāĶžāĶūāĶē
InDesign Glyps, Special Charater, White Space, Bullet and Numbering Tutorial

0:13 -GLYPHS āĶ•āĶŋ?
0:23 -Special Character āĶ•āĶŋ?
0:49 -āĶāĶ•āĶŸāĶŋāĶ­ GLYPHS āĶŠā§āĶŊāĶūāĶĻā§‡āĶē

Type ➡ Insert Special Character
Show/HIde Grids & Guide – Ctrl+;
Ctrl+2 (200% Zoom)
Ctrl+ +/ – (Zoom in and out)
Zoom in and out- Alt+Mouse Wheel

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āĶ…ā§āĶŊāĶūāĶĄā§‹āĶŽ āĶ‡āĶĻāĶĄāĶŋāĶœāĶūāĶ‡āĶĻ
āĶ‡āĶĻāĶĄāĶŋāĶœāĶūāĶ‡āĶĻ āĶŽāĶūāĶ‚āĶēāĶū āĶŸāĶŋāĶ‰āĶŸāĶ°āĶŋāĶŊāĶžāĶūāĶē
āĶŽāĶūāĶ‚āĶēāĶū āĶŸāĶŋāĶ‰āĶŸāĶ°āĶŋāĶŊāĶžāĶūāĶē āĶ•ā§‹āĶ°ā§āĶļ
āĶ—ā§āĶ°āĶūāĶŦāĶŋāĶ• āĶĄāĶŋāĶœāĶūāĶ‡āĶĻ
āĶŽāĶūāĶ‚āĶēāĶū āĶ—ā§āĶ°āĶūāĶŦāĶŋāĶ• āĶĄāĶŋāĶœāĶūāĶ‡āĶĻ āĶ•ā§‹āĶ°ā§āĶļ
āĶĻāĶŋāĶ‰āĶ‡āĶķ āĶ†āĶ‡āĶŸāĶŋ


Duration: 00:08:50