Adobe Illustrator Tutorial for Fashion Design (beginners): Part 1

In this Illustrator tutorial for fashion design (created just for beginners!), we’ll start from the absolute basics to make sure you are comfortable in the software and know your way around.

This tutorial will give you a quick overview of the Illustrator interface and show you how to draw a button. The essential tools and drawing techniques for fashion designers shown here are fundamental and everything you design in AI will build on this.

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You will learn:

-00:13 Why you shouldn’t be afraid, panicked or nervous about working in Illustrator
-01:36 Understanding how the Illustrator workspace is laid out
-03:18 How to move around the Illustrator workspace with the Navigator panel
-04:48 Using the Tool Bar in Illustrator and how to access hidden tools
-06:01 How to draw a perfect circle with a keyboard shortcut
-07:24 How to change stroke and fill color in Illustrator
-09:56 How to change the stroke weight (thickness)
-12:01 How to copy and paste objects using a cool shortcut (paste in front)
-14:26 How to select multiple objects at once


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Duration: 00:16:30

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